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The Band

449 Rewind Classic Rock

449 Rewind

449 Rewind is a Fayetteville, AR, based Classic Rock Band, available for concerts, clubs, festivals, weddings, parties, corporate functions, etc. 

Scott Stewart, Guitar, Lead Vocals.jfif

Scott Stewart

// Vocals & Guitar

Scott Stewart grew up in Louisiana influenced by music from classical to Zydeco, Blues, and Classic Rock.  His first instrument at age nine was the piano, playing classical music from the masters.  At age 11, he turned to the guitar, first learning on the acoustic, then turning to electric with influences by the British invasion, delta blues, and southern rock.

Through these influences, Scott began to develop his voice, first through ballads, then turning to soulful R&B and rock.  His natural ability to harmonize provided an avenue to progress through bands with duties as front man as well as lead/rhythm guitar and background vocals.

He took to the road as a front man but after a 2-year stint, family became his priority.  This took him away from music for almost 20 years.  He returned with a successful acoustic group (Wooden Ships) and then turned his attention to full ahead, straight on, in your face, eclectic, electric music and hasn’t turned back.

Jerry Byler

// Drums & Vocals

Jerry is a native of the North Texas area and began playing drums at the age of 10.  His musical influences during his early formative years ranged from classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s, heavy metal, and smooth jazz.


His versatile and solid playing have been showcased in various bands in the Seattle area, including Hammerdog, The Lee Pence Trio, NRG, Freefall, The Brickhouse Showband, and Deep Pocket.  He also played in the Carlos Saldana Project while living overseas in Japan.


While Jerry enjoys driving the band’s rhythm section with his unique compositional drumming style, he also contributes the top harmonies to the band’s unique vocal blends.                

Jerry Byler, Drums & Vocals
Steve Kolokithas, Guitar & Vocals

Steve Kolokithas

// Guitar & Vocals

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Steve grew up surrounded by music.  He picked up his first guitar at 14 and launched into a long history of performing with various original and cover bands.


In addition, being a true audiophile and savvy engineer, Steve spends much of his time in the recording studio, sculpting texture, tone, and dynamics from every recorded track.  He has an innate gift for arranging, mixing and producing music, yielding phenomenal works including debut CDs for several California bands including Chromata (San Jose), Stoned Romeos (San Jose), Etc. (Danville), and Jonni Lost (San Ramon).


Steve’s move to Northwest Arkansas in January of 2019 did not slow him down. He continues to entertain crowds in various venues in the area bringing his signature tone and six-stringed wizardry to his live performances, faithfully reproducing the hits everyone loves to hear.

Jim Bullard

// Bass & Vocals

Jim is a talented and passionate musician with a deep love for music that has shaped his life and artistic journey. From a young age, he displayed an innate musicality and a burning desire to express himself through musical performance.

Born and raised in Southern California, Jim was introduced to the world of music through his father, who recognized his natural talent and encouraged his musical pursuits. At the age of 10, Jim began his musical journey by learning to play the clarinet. He realized, however, that his real love and passion lay with the deep, low sounds of the bass guitar and he transitioned to that instrument once out of high school. He has played bass for over 30 years, covering styles including rock, blues, country, gospel, contemporary Christian and more.

Throughout his career, Jim has showcased his musical talent in a variety of settings. As a performer, he has played at prestigious venues, festivals, and events. He has proven his versatility by seamlessly transitioning between genres and delivering solid performances.

With a burning passion for music and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Jim continues to evolve as a musician and performer. He aspires to make an impact in the Northwest Arkansas music scene, creating transformative experiences that inspire, uplift, and connect people through the universal language of melody and rhythm

Jim Bullard Bass & Vocals


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